Osborne and Little - Sabi Velvets

Velvet collections named after African game reserves,embossed to resemble animal skins and coats. All have excellent Martindale abrasion results.

Sabi Velvets - Limpopo

Sabi Velvets - Naivasha

Sabi Velvets - Addo

Cristina Marrone - Velvets and Crushed Velvets

Our easy to care for velvet ranges by Cristina Marrone

Cristina Marrone - Faux Leather

Our Faux Leather ranges includes collections from Cristina Marrone

Cristina Marrone - Designer & Textured Weaves

Collections of Designer Weaves and Textured Weaves by Cristina Marrone

Skai - Animal Prints

The Skai range features beautiful combinations of colour and texture.

Skai - Aythana (Snake Print)

Skai - Socodilo (Crocodile Print)

Skai - Pasatina

Skai - Soshagro (Manta Ray)

Porter & Stone - Animal Prints

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Many other fabrics available from:

Designer Guild
Today Interiors
J Brown

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